What Our Clients Say

Talk to Todd he’ll give you the lowdown on your vehicle. If it aint worth fixing he is gonna give it to you straight. The name says it all folks. If you have a car thats not under warranty this is the place to go.

Ryan D. Yelp Review

I love having vehicle(s) serviced here. They are up front and explain all my options to me. Most recently I had a check engine diagnostic done somewhere else and they told me ‘its a transmission issue’ then charged me $55 and would not tell me the code. Here Dan talked to me until I understood what they had done. (And told me the code and wrote it on my paperwork.) They told me I was ok to run the vehicle without the repair they decided made the check engine light go on (thank you honesty) yet still researched prices in case I wanted to fix it. And I have a very old vehicle. Not one that most people would probably want to get fixed. I will keep coming back here. My little secret, shhh I work for a car dealership too.

Stephanie P. Yelp Review

Dear Affordable Auto Service,

Although I am a moron and decided to rent a U-Haul on the hottest (and windiest!) day of the summer…I am glad that I chose you to rent my truck from.
Your online reservation process was easy and pain-free. Your customer service from beginning to end was top notch. Everything about renting from you was so convenient and simple. I like that I was given an estimated total prior to renting (which I came in way lower than the estimate – yay me!). I like that it really didn’t cost me an arm and a leg to rent a truck from you (there were no ‘hidden costs or fees’).
Mostly, I was impressed with your employee’s (not just my U-Haul girl) and would seriously consider using your other services sometime as well.
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart and wallet.”

Hether S. Yelp Review

Honest, fast, friendly. Competent. The best you could hope for.

A Google UserGoogle Review

Good honest work for a reasonable price. High tech service but with a small repair shop feel. This is exactly the kind of repair shop that we all are looking for—-I found it. Thanks for your service.

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Great guys to work with. They took the time to explain exactly what needed to be done, what my options were, what they recommended, and why they recommended what they did (with the long term in mind). I compared their recommendations and quotes to a number of other shops. While they weren’t the cheapest, they weren’t out of line with the others, and I felt most comfortable with their recommendations, the parts they used, and service they provided. Many people are worried about trying a new shop, but these guys will give it to you straight.

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Great service, fast, and very knowledgeable. Had to get a clutch replaced and the part that broke was ridiculously expensive. They found a part that would cost half as much (saving me lots!). Had it fixed in 2 days! A minor installation problem caused it to run for about 10 blocks. They rushed to pick up the car and give me a loaner. They had the replacement car to me in 15 minutes on a Friday night! They came in on a Saturday and had it ready in the morning. They even called me the next week so they could pay for the gas I put in the loaner. Great guys!

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I shattered the rear window on my truck. Not only did affordable auto glass come back as the cheapest quote, they also came first thing the next morning (which was a Saturday). All of the employees I dealt with were genuinely nice, from the gentlemen who got me a quote on the phone to the two who performed the install. They found the glass at a big discount and passed the savings directly on to me! I couldn’t be happier with the install. They were very careful and precise. What really impressed me was how hard they worked to clean up after the job, including folding the tarp i had draped across the back seat and rolling out (closing) my tonneau cover. There was an evident attention to detail. Honestly, they did a great job and at a great price. I will definitely go back to affordable auto glass for any future mishaps, and will check out their auto shop if i need any mechanical work done. Highly recommended.

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Honest, truthful yet understand budget constraints and work closely to meet your safety needs within financial constraints.

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